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    The company com2C GmbH & Co. KG with represents innovation around the development and production of digital media for almost a decade.
    Are you looking for a special solution for your individual project? We offer custom solutions!

    Let us show you some benefits of a cooperation with com2C:

    • In-house development of printing media/large format consumables
    • Personal advice for your project
    • Application-oriented development of print media.
      Whether display media or interior design - we will find the best solution for your project.
    •  Large network of production partners


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    Looking for a special solution for your individual project around digital print media?

    Please contact us directly and get a customized solution for your unique project in terms of printing media / inkjet media.

    We will discuss all the relevant points in a personal conversation: What are your specifications and your customers' needs? Based on thoses results, we will define the requirements and develop the features of the product.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

    Nice to have you here!


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    What helps people, helps business. – Leo Burnett







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