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    In our product descriptions and sample folders we are using icons to indicate suitable inks, material properties and applications of our printing media. Let us explain the meaning of these icons.

    You will also find a detailed description of how our product names are composed.

    Please find a description of our product names, for example
    Blockout 175 PET LUVESS SM W.  



    The icons provide information about the application, the material thickness or grammage, the substrate, suitable ink systems, the gloss level and the surface characteristics or add ons of a print medium.


    Below you will find an explanation of our icons around properties, ink systems and applications of caleidoscop print media:


    bedruckbar mit Latex Tinten  printable with Latex inks

    lichtundurchlässig opaque

      printable with waterbased inks            

    für Hinterleuchtung for backlit applications

    bedruckbar mit UV-härtenden Tinten  printable with UV-curbale inks

    suitable for banner applications

      printable with solvent inks

    geeignet für Canvas-Anwendungen  suitable for canvas/stretcher applications

    bedruckbar mit ecosolvent Tinten  printable with ecosolvent inks

    geeignet für Interior Design Anwendungen  suitable for Interior Design applications

      Photo quality

    geeignet für Popup-Anwendungen  suitable for Popup applications

      suitable for indoor applications

    geeignet für Rollup-Anwendungen  suitable for Rollup applications

      suitable for outdoor applications

    geeignet für Spannrahmen-Systeme suitable for stretching frames

    free of PVC, eco friendly  PVC-free printing media

     geeignet für Gummilippenrahmen-Systeme  suitable for stretching frames

    printing media for art reproduction  suitable for art reproduktion

     print media for wallpaper application  suitable for wallpaper applications

    can be cut with a cold knifecan be cut with a cold knife


    self-adhesive material selfadhesive


    reversible self-adhesive material reversibel selfadhesive


    scratch resistant print media scratch resistant

    flame retardant printing media flame retardant printing media flame retardant




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