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    Many of our com2C printing media come with a flame retardancy certificate and comply with the fire protection requirements of building materials - for example at trade fairs.

    Certified building materials of class B1 must not continue to burn after removing the heat source, which set the fire. This is tested and certified in accredited laboratories.

    You can find the fire protection certificates for our media on the product page under "downloads".

    As an example, subsequent media are certified according to DIN 4102-1 (B1 certificate)

        - Digitalvlies 180 LUVESS SM W FR (flame resistant)
        - Digitalvlies 220 LUVESS SM W FR (flame resistant)
        - Silverback 250 PES WBL M W FR (flame resistant)



    Please give us a call for any questions around flame retardancy, fire resistance and certificates: +49 5733  87 85 88





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