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  • BacklitTex 116 DLUV M W FR

    Rich, deep colors and excellent light diffusion. A crease-free backlit textile for backlits and backlit advertising. Can be printed with Dye-Sub (direct) + (paper) Latex-, UV curable- inks
    LatexEco SolventSolventUV-curable
    alu frame
    indoorbacklitflame retardantfree of PVCscratch resistant
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    General Information

    100% texturized, smooth Polyester fabric

    crease- and wrinkle- free

    Flame retardancy certificate (German DIN 4102-B1)

    Printable with Dye-Sub (direct) + (paper) Latex-, UV curable- inks

    High-quality ink receptive coating tolerates very high ink loads

    Ideal for Alu-Frame Systems


     Areas of application

     for backlit frames and all backlit applications



     crease- and wrinkle-free


     flame retardancy according to DIN4102: B1



     Very good print results using Dye-Sub (direct) & (paper), Latex-, UV-curable inks

    High ink loads, no bleeding

    Very quick drying

     Intense, brilliant colors



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