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  • Cling 160 PET LUVESS clear adh

    PET- clear cling film for all smooth surfaces. Printable with Latex-, UV curable-, Eco Solvent- and Solvent inks
    LatexEco SolventSolventUV-curable
    indoorbacklitno frayfree of PVCselfadhesive
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    General Infomation


    • PET- clear cling film
    • Clings / sticks to glass, metal, plastic and all other smooth surfaces
    • Easy and residue-free removal
    • Printable with Latex-, UV curable-, Eco Solvent- and Solvent inks
    • High-quality ink receptive coating tolerates very high ink loads
    • Very quick drying
    • Photorealistic print quality, strong and intense colors
    • Good water and scratch resistance

    Areas of application


    • General advertising
    • All visual marketing on glass / smooth  surfaces, windows, shopping windows
    • Events, boothbuilding, retail store advertisement



    • Strong cling to all smooth surfaces
    • Easy to apply
    • Residue-free removal
    • Cling surface can be cleaned / recovered by rinsing with water
    • High quality, water-resistant coating




    • Very good print results using Latex-, UV curable-, Eco Solvent-
    • and Solvent inks
    • High ink loads, no bleeding
    • Very quick drying
    • Intense, brilliant colors

    Processing instructions

    • Prior to conversion / further processing, the prints must be allowed to thoroughly dry. We recommend a drying time of 24 hours.
    • Apply only to clean, dust- and grease-free, smooth surfaces
    • To prevent any air bubbles during application, the surface can be sprayed with clean water. The water can then be squeezed out using a squeegee. In order toprotect the print during this, you can use the backing film between the print and the squeegee
    • Great for contour-cutting / plotting!
    • For application, use only tolls without sharp edges!
    • For any handling, we recommend the use of cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints



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