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    Matte. high quality npnwoven wallpaper in widths up to 320cm. Printable with Latex and UV curable inks.
    interior designwallpaper
    indoorno frayflame retardantfree of PVCscratch resistant
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    General Information

    ·         100% Nonwoven wallpaper

    ·         Printable with Latex and UV curable inks

    ·         PVC-free, no plasticisers, glassfiber or solvents used

    ·         No heavy metals or formaldehyde

    ·         Very quick ink drying

    ·         Photorealistic print quality

    ·         Environmentally safe product

    ·         Very good water and scratch resistance


    Areas of Application

    ·         Indoor advertising

    ·         Individual room decoration

    ·         Shop window backdrops



    ·         Dimensionally stable and will cover smaller fissures / cracks

    ·         Dry strippable if correct glue is used

    ·         Available up to 320cm width

    ·         Flame retardant properties


    Print properties

    • Very good printability with Latex and UV curable inks
    • No bleeding even at very high ink loads
    • Very quick drying
    • Strong, vivid colors


    Processing instructions

    The wall surface must be dry, clean, porous and even

    For pasting, use nonwoven wallpaper paste with water 1:10.

    Do not leave to soak! It is recommended to apply the paste onto the wall and then apply the wallpaper onto the pasted wall.

    Correctly / accurately trimmed tiles can be applied edge-to-edge

    Overlapping tiles have to be applied by cutting through the overlapping parts and removing the cutoff

    Use a soft roller or soft brush to press / smooth the wallpaper against the wall surface and to remove any wrinkles or bubbles

    Wipe away excess glue using a wet cloth or a wet sponge

    Optimum processing conditions 18° ‐ 25°C and a humidity of approx. 40% ‐ 65%.



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