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  • PopUp 410 WB SM W FR

    A 410µm thick rigid PVC with a semimatt surface. Flame retardant. For easy and reliable production of pop-up systems using waterbased inks.
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    General Infomation


    • Sturdy rigid PVC
    • Printable with Waterbased and UV curable inks
    • Photorealistic print quality, strong and intense colors
    • Quick drying
    • Dimensionally stable
    • Good water and scratch resistance
    • Flame retardancy certificate (German DIN 4102-B1)


    Areas of application


    • Indoor advertising
    • Specially designed for PopUp panel production




    • High quality, water-resistant coating
    • Good drying, no bleeding even at high ink loads
    • Strong and intense colours
    • High opacity
    • Stiff and sturdy material for PopUp panel production




    • Very good print results using Waterbased and UV curable inks
    • High ink loads, no bleeding
    • Quick drying
    • Intense, brilliant colors

    PopUp 500 UV M W FR is an excellent choice for the production of PopUp panels.

    Its micro-matt surface is specially designed for use in UV printers (UV-curable inks).



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