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  • AllroundTex160 LUVESS MW rem adh

    Without lamination and with the highest possible color brilliance, our innovation presents itself, which you can print in all standard processes. Adhesive residues are a thing of the past. Our multi-removable and repositionable textile is innovative for almost all smooth and porous surfaces.
    LatexEco SolventSolventUV-curable
    art reproductioninterior designwallpaper
    indoorno frayfree of PVCselfadhesive
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    General Infomation

    o Self-adhesive fabric
    o Porous Surface Allows For Easy Removal Of Air Bubbles
    o Printable with latex, UV curable, eco solvent and solvent inks o High-quality ink receptive coating
    o Tear Resistant
    o Adhesive Leaves No Residue
    o Sticks To All Non-Porous and Many Porous Surfaces
    o Very quick ink drying
    o Good water and scratch resistance

    Areas of application

    o Large Scale Wall Graphics
    o Wallcoverings
    o Quick and easy (re-)decoration of indoor walls o Boothbuilding, Shop decoratio
    o Temporary Signage
    o Repositionable Posters
    o Exhibitons/Trade Show Graphic 




    o High quality, water-resistant coating
    o Adhesive Leaves No Residue
    o Sticks To All Non-Porous and Many Porous Surfaces o Highly reliable adhesive
    o Dimensionally stable
    o Very easily applied and removed
    o PVC-free


    o Very good print results using latex, UV curable, eco solvent and solvent inks

    o Intense, brilliant colors
    o Quick drying, no bleeding
    o Good water and scratch resistance

    Processing instructions

    • o Prior to conversion / further processing, the prints must be allowed to thoroughly dry. We recommend a drying time of 24 hours.
    • o Application surface must be dry, free from dust / dirt and grease
      o Printed material should be rolled onto a firm core with big diameter (we
    • recommend 6” / 152mm to avoid wrinkling / tunneling)
      o Application should be done with a soft roller or soft (felt) squeegee; do
    • not use sharp / edgy objects
      o To avid fingerprints, please wear protective (cotton) gloves while han-
    • dling the material
      o Optimum processing conditions 18° - 25°C and a humidity of approx.
    • 40% - 65%.

    Additional information

    o Further information about this and other products can be found on our website:

    o The printside / winding, length and widths of the material rolls can be

    tailored to your needs, respecting our minimum manufacturing

    quantities. Please ask us for special sizes / special conversion options! o Please store rolls always together with the label / the batch number.

    Without these, no complaints can be processed.
    o Shelf life: 24 months
    o All measurements were made under standard climate conditions. 





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