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  • Welcome to com2C - large format digital print media by print professionals for print professionals - made in Germany
    Order samples of our print media for large format printing, e.g. for RollUp, PopUp, Wallpaper!

    com2C is the professional source for LFP print media on a strictly B2B level. Use our product finder to explore our range of digital print media involving canvas, printable wallpaper, blockout films and much more! Are you looking for print media for art reproduction, canvas framing, interior design / decoration, display systems like PopUp or RollUp or do you need digitally printable wallpaper? com2C print media is developed and produced by com2C and will do the job for you – whether you are looking for trouble-free production or special properties like non-fraying, fire retardancy, emvironmentally friendly materials, etc.
    Also, if you have special demands or need a very specific kind of material, we are the source to talk to. Find your print media – made from PET, PP, PES, Nonwoven, composites and much more! Use our online product finder for your daily work and business!

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