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  • Welcome to com2C - large format digital print media by print professionals for print professionals - made in Germany
    Order samples of our print media for large format printing, e.g. for RollUp, PopUp, Wallpaper!

    Whatever your job demands – Banners, RollUp film or fabric, PopUp film, art reproduction materials: with com2C print media, we have the right choice for your job!


    We can offer high qulity print media for RollUp or PopUp systems for different ink types. Our materials are made from polycotton, polyester, polypropylen, nonwoven and others to give the full range of applications and properties. Use our product finder and our online shop to search for important product features like self-adhesive properties, PVC-free materials, fire retardancy and others!


    com2c print media is a brand of com2C GmbH & Co.KG


    com2C is a flexible innovative and competent company located in Vlotho, Germany.


    com2C is the sum of our more than 10 years of experience in the design, development and production of printable media of all sorts. During media development, we focus on close cooperation and communication with our customers. Their input and information on the necessary properties of a print medium are translated directly into every product created - along with our commitment to uncompromising quality and performance of our media.

    We are able to stand out from competition media because if our „built-in“ combination of in-house chemical laboratory for the development of ink receptive coatings/primers as well as our well-equipped application center in which the products are tested for performance and stability in a permanent effort for better quality.







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